June 23, 2022


DRVR Hub is an approved training provider that has successfully met all the curriculum requirements from the City of Toronto. Since 2015, DRVR Hub has successfully trained 100,000+ drivers across Canada, India, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, providing them with world class education and support


Driver Feedback Survey Results Highlight DRVR Hub as an Convenient and Affordable Driver Training Provider

June 22, 2022


DRVR Hub sent out an email to the first 1000 drivers who completed the Vehicle-for-Hire in Toronto course and had 389 responses so far. We are happy to share that the majority of the drivers have found the course content to be extremely thorough, knowledgeable and the platform, convenient and user friendly.


DRVR Hub Receives City of Toronto Approval as an Accredited Driver Training Provider and Offers Special Discount to Drivers

June 3, 2022


TORONTO – DRVR Hub is pleased to announce that the City of Toronto has approved DRVR Hub as an accredited driver training provider, as part of its mandatory Driver Training Accreditation Program (DTAP) for vehicle-for-hire drivers. The new Program represents the essential understandings a vehicle-for-hire driver should have to operate safely in the City of Toronto. In light of the City approval, DRVR Hub has launched its driver training program and is now available for all vehicle-for-hire drivers to access and complete.


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