About Us

Our History

DRVRHub is an internationally recognized driver training platform in North America. Since its inception, we have successfully trained 100,000+ drivers across different countries, providing them with world-class education and support.

At DRVRHub, we believe that effective driver training is crucial to minimize incidents, foster a high level of driving responsibility and help build a strong safety culture among the public.

Our Vision

Our leading education platform offers training courses specifically catered to the vehicle-for-hire driver industry. Our courses are designed and delivered by a highly experienced team of trainers consisting of professional drivers, ex-drivers, corporate training managers and industry leaders. Drivers are able to easily access and complete the courses, allowing for efficient training and a safe environment for passengers, pedestrians and other drivers on the road.

Professional Drivers Training

Our Platform Allows for Professional Development For Professional Drivers.

  • Visual learning cues to aid retention and increase engagement.
  • Straightforward, plain English communication, written with ESL in mind.
  • Audio, video and text-based lessons.
  • Users can see where they are up to in the course when they log in.
  • Competency can be viewed from the user dashboard, including.
  • Completion progress, certificates and profile information.
  • The examples mentioned throughout the course puts the lesson into the real-world context for drivers.
  • Highly customized and interactive courses offered through our leading LMS platform.

Why You'll Love Working With Us

Exclusive Teaching and Learning Solutions

Our services are tailored to the unique needs of the personalised transport industry.

Industry Leadership

From driver standards, management practices to the legal framework, we can add value at every point.

Proactive and Responsive

Our team are well positioned to respond swiftly to your requirements, whilst also being proactive and anticipating the next move.

Focussed on Growth

Our team is focussed on maximizing opportunities for your business growth.