Driver Feedback Survey Results Highlight DRVR Hub as an Convenient and Affordable Driver Training Provider

DRVR Hub sent out an email to the first 1000 drivers who completed the Vehicle-for-Hire in Toronto course and had 379 responses so far. We are happy to share that the majority of the drivers have found the course content to be extremely thorough, knowledgeable and the platform, convenient and user friendly.

90% of respondents rated the course 9 or higher out of 10 when asked how would you rate your overall experience with the online training course and the platform offered by DRVR Hub. 

93% of survey participants responded with 9 or higher out of 10 when asked how likely are you to recommend this online training program to your driver friends in the city.

Here are some comments from drivers who completed the DRVR Hub Vehicle for Hire course: 

  • The user interface was so friendly and the lessons were designed in a very easy manner, it was very easy to understand and most importantly the price at which Drvr Hub is offering this course is very good and best in the industry. – Nirmal S., Part-time PTC Driver
  • Kudos for everyone, this course helped [sic] me a lot for the information that I need to be known as a driver and a passenger too. – Jhomar S., Part-time PTC Driver
  • I thought the service you offered was great. Each time I had a question I was able to communicate by texting and someone was always able to help me and gave me their attention immediately. The course was very long and had [sic] lots of questions but I’m sure it’s because the government requires that. All in all I thought it was a great service. – Dana G., Full-time PTC Driver
  • DRVR Hub has the most convenient course which takes less than 5 hours to complete. I highly recommend this course. On the top of it, DRVR Hub has a more feasible price than any other driving schools. – Saurin P., Full-time PTC Driver
  • It’s a great platform for drivers to get trained before they drive in cities. DRVR certification gives [sic] you a very good understanding about the rules and also helpful for how to work with PTC. This can be helpful for all the new drivers who are signing up for PTC’s. – Adil R., Part-time PTC Driver
  • Excellent program by DRVR Hub. It’s really helpful [sic] to become the perfect rideshare driver in the City of Toronto. I’m really happy with DRVR HUB. THANK YOU SO MUCH. – Saifuddin M.
  • I did the training on [sic] DRVR website and I couldn’t be happier, it was easy and informative. Thank you DRVR Hub for making easy training for the busy drivers. – Samira M., Full-time PTC Driver
  • Excellent platform to learn. Easy to understand. Less time consuming. Overall it was amazing.  – Saurabh K., Full-time PTC Driver
  • The training is informative and the platform is very interactive. – Devesh S., Full-time PTC Driver
  • This online certification program saved me a lot of time. I easily completed the course just on the phone. 50% off in price is amazing [sic]! – Jiyun C., Part-time PTC Driver

And 100s of other positive comments.