DRVR Hub Receives City of Toronto Approval as an Accredited Driver Training Provider and Offers Special Discount to Drivers

TORONTO – DRVR Hub is pleased to announce that the City of Toronto has approved DRVR Hub as an accredited driver training provider, as part of its mandatory Driver Training Accreditation Program (DTAP) for vehicle-for-hire drivers. The new Program represents the essential understandings a vehicle-for-hire driver should have to operate safely in the City of Toronto. In light of the City approval, DRVR Hub has launched its driver training program and is now available for all vehicle-for-hire drivers to access and complete.

DRVR Hub’s driver training program is comprised of 5 courses: 1) transporting passengers in a safe manner, 2) driving in an urban setting, 3) anti-racism and discrimination, 4) providing service to accessible users and 5) legal requirements. DRVR Hub’s program can be completed through virtual classes or online through their e-learning platform. Drivers can sign-up and register for the training program at www.drvrhub.com.

Vehicle-for-hire Drivers of taxis and limos, and Private Transportation Company Drivers using rideshare apps, such as Facedrive, Lyft and Uber, are required by City of Toronto regulations to complete a mandatory training program from accredited training providers and submit the certificate of completion as part of their license application. DRVR Hub is proud to offer drivers discounted pricing for a limited time. For more information, drivers are encouraged to contact the rideshare apps to obtain discount details.

DRVR Hub team is excited about the launch of the program in the City of Toronto, an initiative that they have been looking forward to for almost three years. “We have built these courses with drivers in mind; our learning platform makes it possible for drivers to make their way through the courses anywhere, anytime and at their desired pace without compromising on quality. We did this by including many interactive elements – videos, simulations and quizzes, to aid retention and increase engagement among drivers.”

About DRVR Hub
DRVR Hub is North America’s leading driver education platform for professional drivers. Since its inception, it has successfully trained 100,000+ drivers across numerous countries. Our learning platform offers training courses specifically catered to the vehicle-for-hire driver industry—designed and delivered by a highly experienced team of trainers consisting of professional drivers, corporate training managers and industry leaders.

At DRVR Hub, we believe that effective driver training is crucial to minimize incidents, foster a high level of driving responsibility and help build a strong safety culture for passengers, pedestrians, and other drivers on the road. For more information, visit www.drvrhub.com.

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