DRVR Hub Relaunches with Hybrid Driver Training Program And Receives Approval from the City of Toronto

DRVR Hub is pleased to relaunch with Hybrid Driver Training Program upon receiving approval as an Accredited Driver Training Provider from the City of Toronto.

DRVR Hub was originally approved as Accredited Driver Training Provider in Toronto on May 27, 2022 after successfully meeting all the curriculum requirements for its all-online course from the City of Toronto.

The City later introduced additional mandatory requirements which DRVR Hub is proud to have met and implemented successfully, leading to its reinstatement. DRVR Hub is committed to continue working with the City of Toronto to ensure all requirements for successful and authentic completion of mandatory driver training are met.

This City-approved program is available to all Vehicle-for-Hire Drivers of taxis, limousines, and Private Transportation Company (PTC) drivers using rideshare apps such as Uber, Lyft and Facedrive for them to be able to drive in the City of Toronto. DRVR Hub is proud to continue to provide hybrid driver training and support services to its existing and new drivers.

The new and updated DRVR Hub Training Program consists of two parts: 1) Online Training Course 2) In-person Final Exam.

1: Online Training Course:

DRVR Hub’s online training course has been designed by transportation experts in the industry, considering the nature of today’s gig economy workers who may not be able to spend an entire day in a classroom setting. The Online Training Program consists of 5 courses:

1) Transporting passengers in a safe manner

2) Driving in an urban setting, 3) Anti-racism and discrimination

4) Providing service to accessible users

5) Legal requirements.

The online component of the training program provides drivers with freedom to do the course at their own pace from the location of their choice. The program consists of the following features to ensure that the learning is reinforced and that drivers show adequate understanding of safe driving practices. 

  • Video-based online lessons for better engagement
  • Mini practice quizzes throughout the five courses

After completing 100% of the online course and getting 70% on the practice quizzes, drivers will be able to book an in-person final exam.

2: In-person Final Exam

Once a driver has successfully completed the online training component, they will be required to appear for an in-person final exam located at 1457 McCowan Rd, Suite 213, Toronto, ON. All exams need to be booked in advance. No walk-ins are permitted.

Evaluators will be available at the exam center to conduct and monitor the in-person exam and provide real-time assistance if and when required. Each driver will also be required to present a government issued ID to verify their identity before being allowed to take the in-person exam.

The in-person exam component will be done under traditional exam setting. Drivers must receive a passing grade of 70% to become a certified Vehicle-for-Hire driver in the City of Toronto. 

Security Measures

DRVR Hub has measures in place to ensure authenticity and security of its updated driver training program. 

Some of the measures are as follows:

  • Proof of identity: Each driver will be required to upload an image of their driver’s license to the platform prior to starting their online training program. The driver will be required to present the same driver’s license at the exam location, for identity verification, before being allowed to take the in-person exam.
  • Reinforcement of learning: Interactive tools such as video-based lessons and randomized mini-practice quizzes enable drivers to better understand and retain the information for exhibiting safe driving practices while on the road. 
  • Authentication of the certificate: There is a manual process to verify and validate all training certificates. The driver registration details are matched with what’s on the certificate and then linked to a unique certificate ID which gets printed on the certificate. Furthermore, no driver is able to make any edits to the certificate. If any corrections need to be made, drivers are required to contact support, along with their contact information and a valid government ID, which DRVR Hub will review in order to process all requests. 
  • Additional security features: Our platform consists of features such as secure cloud hosting, daily back-ups, built-in security and SSL certificates so that course content is automatically served securely. Additionally, our content is copyrighted and the ability to copy text on our platform is disabled to protect course content.
  • 3-step validation process: 1) DRVR Hub sends a list of drivers who completed the training to the City of Toronto, including PDL and date of completion. 2) Vehicle-for-hire companies validate to ensure the name on the certificate and PDL match before submitting to the City of Toronto. 3) The details provided by DRVR Hub have to match with what the City receives from vehicle-for-hire companies. After meeting all the requirements, the City of Toronto issues a PTC license.