Statement From DRVR Hub

DRVR Hub is an approved training provider that has successfully met all the curriculum requirements from the City of Toronto. Since 2015, DRVR Hub has successfully trained 100,000+ drivers across Canada, India, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, providing them with world class education and support. 

Our team of industry professionals and instructors have spent the last three years building the course content and the e-learning platform for the professional development of vehicle-for-hire drivers in the City of Toronto, which includes:

  • Visual learning cues to aid retention and increase engagement.
  • Straightforward, plain English communication, written with ESL in mind.
  • Audio, video and text-based lessons.
  • Real-world examples mentioned throughout the course to put the lesson into context for drivers.
  • Progress tracking so users can see where they are up to in the course when they log in.
  • Real-time instructor support to assist drivers.

Upon completion of the course, drivers meet all competencies set by the City of Toronto and show adequate understanding of safe driving practices. 

DRVR Hub has measures in place to ensure authenticity and security of training.

Some of the measures are as follows:

  • Randomization of the quiz order: Each course has multiple quizzes, which can be answered based on the knowledge gained from the course content. Each driver receives a randomized order of the quiz questions which is unique from what the other drivers may see on their screens. 
  • Authentication of the certificate: There is a manual process to verify and validate all training certificates. The driver registration details are matched with what’s on the certificate and then linked to a unique certificate ID which gets printed on the certificate. Furthermore, no driver is able to make any edits to the certificate. If any corrections need to be made, drivers are required to contact support, along with their contact information and a valid government ID, which DRVR Hub will review in order to process all requests. 
  • Monitoring system to prevent fraudulent activity: Before sending the final list of approved drivers to the City of Toronto, drivers who complete the training course are audited to ensure that they accessed courses with a unique IP address. For example, if one person was completing a course for multiple people, it would be from the same IP address. This would get flagged by the monitoring system and all associated accounts will be reported to the City of Toronto.
  • Additional security features: Our platform consists of features such as secure cloud hosting, daily back-ups, built-in security and SSL certificates so that course content is automatically served securely. Additionally, our content is copyrighted and the ability to copy text on our platform is disabled to protect course content.
  • 3-step validation process: 1) DRVR Hub sends a list of drivers who completed the training to the City of Toronto, including PDL and date of completion. 2) Vehicle-for-hire companies validate to ensure the name on the certificate and PDL match before submitting to the City of Toronto. 3) The details provided by DRVR Hub have to match with what the City receives from vehicle-for-hire companies. After meeting all the requirements, the City of Toronto issues a PTC license.

Drivers welcomed a training provider that met their unique needs. 

For a lot of drivers who spend 30-40 hours a week on the road, spending 5-8 hours in a classroom, potentially losing a day’s earnings and paying $200+ is not an easily accessible or affordable option. DRVR Hub is proud to have built a solution that offers convenience, affordability, and is highly informative. 

DRVR Hub sent out an email survey to the first 1,000 drivers who completed the Vehicle-for-Hire in Toronto course and has received 389 responses so far.

  • 90% of respondents rated the course 9 or higher out of 10 when asked how would you rate your overall experience with the online training course and the platform offered by DRVR Hub. 
  • 93% of survey participants responded with 9 or higher out of 10 when asked how likely are you to recommend this online training program to your driver friends in the city.

Other driver feedback included: 

  • The user interface was so friendly and the lessons were designed in a very easy manner, it was very easy to understand and most importantly the price at which Drvr Hub is offering this course is very good and best in the industry. – Nirmal S., Part-time PTC Driver
  • Kudos for everyone, this course helped [sic] me a lot for the information that I need to be known as a driver and a passenger too. – Jhomar S., Part-time PTC Driver
  • I thought the service you offered was great. Each time I had a question I was able to communicate by texting and someone was always able to help me and gave me their attention immediately. The course was very long and had [sic] lots of questions but I’m sure it’s because the government requires that. All in all I thought it was a great service. – Dana G., Full-time PTC Driver
  • It’s a great platform for drivers to get trained before they drive in cities. DRVR certification gives [sic] you a very good understanding about the rules and also helpful for how to work with PTC. This can be helpful for all the new drivers who are signing up for PTC’s. – Adil R., Part-time PTC Driver
  • Excellent program by DRVR Hub. It’s really helpful [sic] to become the perfect rideshare driver in the City of Toronto. I’m really happy with DRVR HUB. THANK YOU SO MUCH  – Saifuddin M., Full-time PTC Driver
  • I did the training on [sic] DRVR website and I couldn’t be happier, it was easy and informative. Thank you DRVR Hub for making easy training for the busy drivers. – Samira M., Full-time PTC Driver
  • Excellent platform to learn. Easy to understand. Less time consuming. Overall it was amazing.  – Saurabh K., Full-time PTC Driver
  • DRVR Hub has the most convenient course which takes less than 5 hours to complete. I highly recommend this course. On the top of it, DRVR Hub has a more feasible price than any other driving schools. – Saurin P., Full-time PTC Driver
  • The training is informative and the platform is very interactive. – Devesh S., Full-time PTC Driver
  • This online certification program saved me a lot of time. I easily completed the course just on the phone. 50% off in price is amazing [sic]! – Jiyun C., Part-time PTC Driver