About Us

DRVRHub is the first training provider dedicated to the taxi, ride share and limousine industry in Canada. We deliver world class professional development to professional drivers.

By name and by nature, DRVRHub is a hub for all professional drivers. We offer Training, Insurance, Auto Financing and an online Market Place.

Worldclass Learning Management Software

Our LMS enables us to set-up highly interactive, and custom branded courses with minimal lead time. Seamless automation such as automatic on-boarding, student messaging, completion certificates, allows your business to scale without any stress. All our training is highly relevant to drivers

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Why You'll Love Working With Us

Exclusive Teaching and Learning Solutions

Our services are tailored to the unique needs of the personalised transport industry. 

Industry Leadership

From driver standards, management practices to the legal framework, we can add value at every point. 

Proactive and Responsive
Our team are well positioned to respond swiftly to your requirements, whilst also being proactive and anticipating the next move. 

Focussed on Growth
Our team is focussed on maximising opportunities for your business growth.